Africa Style together with Parco Natura Viva of Bussolengo (Vr) supports MadAction, an U onlus project which is building a scientific base in the marvellous Maromizaha rain forest.

The research is aimed to study presence and behaviour of local wildlife and in particular of Indri, the big Lemur of Madagascar, and its fascinating song.

The research born from educational and competence exchanges among researchers of both Italian and Malgasy Universities through the partnership among Turin and Antananarivo Universities, Madagascar NationalParks, Parc Botanique et Zoologique Tsimbazaza,Groupe d’Etude ed de Recherche en Primates, DurrellFoundation Antananarivo, Conservation and Researchfor Endangered Species (CRES), Zoological Societyof San Diego and Parco Natura Viva of Bussolengo, Verona.

In addition, near the Maromizaha rain forest there is the small Anevoka school: two wooden buildings host 266 children in only 4 sections. Life is simple and funny, but everything is missing ... to protect and keep vital the extraordinay Maromizaha rain forest is important to educate and share work duties with people of local villages.

To become a member of U onlus only 30 euro per year are needed. This amount is donated to research and support activities for villages and schools of Madagascar.

Any donation is welcome. Mail to: info@madaction.eu

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